PNOZmulti from Pilz – Configurable Safe Small Controllers!

Take a look at Pilz’s PNOZmulti controllers! Whilst being described as flexible to use and easy to operate the PNOZmulti range offers an excellent solution for machinery safety. Monitoring safety solutions such as E-STOPS, safety gates and light curtains has never been easier.

The PNOZmulti are the world’s first configurable safety controller! These small controllers are based on a modular hardware and software solution, with intuitive parameter settings that can provide your plant or machine with maximum safety up to PL e or SIL CL 3.

Save time and costs in all engineering phases – Benefits to you

  • Worldwide safety standard for various automation environments and communication systems – cost effective and sustainable.
  • Easy-to-make adjustments to the configuration due to ready-made software blocks.
  • Minimal machine downtimes and high plant availability due to simple diagnostics.
  • Just one system from planning through to maintenance – possible to expand or change functions at any time.
  • Maximum safety – depending on the wiring, categories up to PL e of EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL CL 3 of EN IEC 62061

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Check out Pilz’s product range of configurable safe small controllers PNOZmulti

Small Controllers PNOZmulti 2

The 2nd generation of small controllers with 22.5mm base unit and many extensions for modular expansion. Pilz’s PNOZmulti 2 are flexible and adaptable to your requirements, alongside this they can also fit into the smallest control cabinet with a minimal with of just 45mm!

Find out more hereSmall controllers PNOZmulti 2 – Pilz GB

Software PNOZmulti

PNOZmulti small controllers make design, configuration, documentation and commissioning simple. Providing straightforward, easy diagnostic solutions the PNOZmulti will reduce standstill times on your plant or machine. Pilz’s user-friendly software tools are available to you to do this. There is no need to worry about your programming capabilities as the PNOZmulti software is so simple to use that complex safety applications are easy to configure without prior programming knowledge.

Find out more hereSoftware, small controllers PNOZmulti – Pilz GB

Configurable Compact Controllers

The PNOZmulti Mini are typically used to monitor from three safety functions. Far fewer expansion modules are available for modular expansion. Relay expansion modules of the product group PNOZsigma. Diagnostic times are rapid with the PNOZmulti Mini thanks to the customised text on the display.

Find out more here: Configurable compact controller – Pilz GB

Configurable Safety Systems

The configurable safety systems PNOZmulti are the pioneer of configurable safety technology. Several base units for a variety of applications and a vast number of expansion units are available. It is ideal for covering application of 4 safety functions and above.

Find out more hereConfigurable safety systems PNOZmulti – Pilz GB

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