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The VPT Series from IRISS – The First and Only Round Transparent Polymer IR Window

A ground-breaking evolution in infrared (IR) windows has been made with the creation of the Platinum Series VPT, which uses an exclusive Poly-View System™ technology allowing any thermographic camera to monitor any energised electrical equipment without disturbing the assets inside. These VPT IR windows are industrial-grade and feature a patented reinforced grill that reaches high-voltage switchgear viewing pane standards.

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VPT Series Overview

The Platinum Series VPT has been successfully tested according to the IEC 62271-200 standard to prevent workers from any injury or fatality due to arc containment on metal-enclosed switchgear assemblies, in which the patented window design ensures a higher level of safety and reliability.

Further, because of the exclusive polymer technology used in the design, it is unaffected by environmental stresses and components, allowing a full and clear visual, UV, and IR inspection across the entire Infrared spectrum. It was designed to resist mechanical stresses and tested and certified to meet the mandatory impact and load requirements surfacing the capabilities of crystal-based windows.

What’s more, after many tests and standards the windows strongly passed, they became UL Listed (E491496), demonstrating the constant dedication and research done to the product to ensure safety and security in the dangerous but much-needed world of electrical power and distribution, as well as the rest of the products offered to the public.

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Top Features of the VPT Series

Proudly manufactured and assembled in Bradenton, Florida, the Platinum Series VPT features a durable and rugged design, highly capable of resisting mechanical stresses applied to IR windows that are fitted to electrical distribution equipment, meeting the mandatory impact and load testing requirements of UL, CSA, IEEE, and many more. In addition to this, the product has a wide range of tests, passed with flying colours, and marine certifications such as Lloyds, DNV, and ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) credentials.

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VPT SeriesIRISS IR windows have an unconditional lifetime warranty unique in the IR industry, not only applying to the workmanship of the window housing but also the durability and stability of the optic in the proposed environment. Unlike crystal-based windows, polymer-based windows are not affected by environmental or mechanical stresses, meaning that they won’t degrade and become fragile over time, maintaining a fixed and stable transmission for the life of the installation and always ensuring that the temperature data collected through the IR window is accurate and reliable.

Each window comes with an installation guide that is very easy and fast to follow to be quickly installed on switchgear and MCC panel covers, as well as transformers and other electrical equipment.


Platinum Series VPT IR windows have an overall dimension of 9.1 cm (3.6 in) Ø for the VPT-50, 12.1 cm (4.8 in) Ø for the VPT-75, and 15.1 cm (5.95 in) Ø for the VPT-100. The overall thickness consists of 2.6 cm (1.0 in) for the VPT-50, 2.6 cm (1.0 in) for the VPT-75, and 2.6 cm (1.0 in) for the VPT-100.

Each is capable of operating temperatures between -40°C (-40°F) to 273°C (523°F) and features 316 Stainless Steel as the hardware material. Any voltage can be reached and every VPT is automatically grounded.

The gasket and body material are UL 94 5VA TPE and UL 94 5VA Nylon (switchgear-grade plastic) respectively, with an aluminium cover. IRISS Infrared windows have been classified with an IP67 and NEMA 6 environmental rating.

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