I.S.10101 - Installation

I.S.10101 – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to fit surge protection? SPDs are strongly recommended for installations that are exposed to transients, to protect sensitive and expensive electrical equipment such as TVs, washing machines, PCs, alarms etc. Clause 443.4 of I.S.10101 states; Protection against transient overvoltages shall be provided where the consequence caused by overvoltage could: (a) result in […]

RCD In Use

RCD – Residual Current Devices – Types & Selections

A residual current device, or RCD, is a life-saving tool intended to shield you from a lethal electric shock if you accidentally contact something live, such as a bare wire. Additionally, it may offer some protection against electrical fires. RCDs give a level of personal protection that is not possible with standard fuses and circuit […]

SPDs - A Quick Overview

SPDs – Surge Protection Devices – A Bitesize Overview

Everyday tasks now depend on electronic technology, changing the way electrical equipment is used in households and at work. Products like microwaves, alarms, laptops, printers, flat-screen televisions, industrial control devices like PLCs, and washing machines are all commonplace. All of these may be susceptible to transient overvoltages, which can severely shorten the equipment’s lifespan by […]

Wiring Regulations Bitesize Guide Update

I.S.10101 Wiring Regulations – A Bitesize Guide

In February 2021, the new standard for the national rules regarding electrical installations came into force to replace the old Wiring Regulations. The main changes impacted common areas such as RCD use, distribution boards and protection against transient overvoltages. Installers & contractors should take the time to understand what is required to remain compliant now. […]