Industrial Event Camera VOC for Installation Monitoring– from Pepperl + Fuchs

Within a modern intralogistics business automated high-bay warehouses with stacker cranes are a central element to their smooth and efficient operation. Allowing quick storage and retrieval of products and materials and optimising the available warehouse space. When installed in deep-freeze storage facilities their components must also be able to withstand the demanding requirements and extremely low temperatures. An uninterrupted cold chain must be guaranteed throughout the movement of the goods stored there.

The Height of Reliability

Reliability, throughput, high precision, and high speed are the prerequisites of a stacker crane installation and failures and downtimes must be avoided at all costs as any delay can trigger an expensive cascade of issues.

As you can imagine, most of the locations in the high-bay warehouse can be both difficult and dangerous for engineers to access for inspection. It would be ideal if the fault situation could be analysed before taking any further action, such as readjusting the crane.

As well as being ideal for Stacker Crane applications the VOC event camera also enables reliable monitoring of sensor-secured access areas, and if a machine or system is stopped by the access guarding, the recording of the trigger event is available for remote access.

The clever design engineers at Pepperl + Fuchs, a leading manufacturer of industrial control and automation product solutions, have created the ideal Industrial Event Camera solution, available to purchase from Kempston Controls today. Below we explore its abilities in this short write-up.

Industrial Event Camera VOC for Industrial Applications

The Pepperl + Fuchs Industrial Event Camera, for example, can be mounted directly on to a stacker crane, monitoring the storage and retrieval processes performed during its shift. The event camera continuously records the last 60 seconds of the video livestream in its integrated circular buffer. Faults or defined events in the sequence act as triggers for the camera to transfer cached data to permanent storage on an appropriate SD card.

These recordings last for up to 60 seconds before and after the event, enabling them to be used to identify the cause and the current status. Only relevant events are recorded, and the image sequences can be used for immediate fault analysis or long-term process optimisation.

Unlike a continuous video sequence, event-oriented storage not only handles data streams economically, but also allows direct access to recordings. The date, time, and error message are displayed in the text overlay of the recording. A digital hardware input can record trigger signals that come directly from the control system or a trigger sensor.

Industrial Event Camera Benefits at a Glance

  • Event-driven video recordings up to 60 sec before and after the trigger signal
  • Fast analysis – recording of relevant events with timestamp and additional text
  • Easy integration into IT systems via REST API and to standard HMI displays with RTSP
  • Flexible use due to large viewing area, high operating temperature range
  • High efficiency – reduced network load through optimised local data storage
  • IP65 degree of protection makes it impermeable to dust and water jets.
  • Targeted image information for fault analysis and process optimisation
  • Easy integration without additional PC hardware
  • Access via web browser or individually programmed user interface

Technical Features

  • HD livestream via Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
  • Large field of view, can be mounted 0.5 to 10 Metres from view area
  • Digital hardware input for trigger sensor or trigger signal
  • Internal circular buffer for video sequences 60 seconds
  • SD card stores up to 10,000 sequences
  • Quick and easy classification of the relevant recording
  • REST API for comprehensive integration into IT systems
  • Temperature range –30° C to +50° C

The password-protected user interface can be displayed on any web browser and provides a live image in HD quality, enabling the event camera to be easily configured. There is no need for additional PC hardware for integration and storage. An optional integrated heating system is available for use in cold storage and outdoor areas, resulting in an operating temperature range from –30° C to +50° C. Whatever your application, the Pepperl + Fuchs Industrial Event VOC camera will ensure you and your process is ready for any eventuality, reducing possible downtime and optimising your installation.

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